SMP backs launch of new industry body to measure impact of mail across UK

SMP backs launch of new industry body to measure impact of mail across UK

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) has welcomed the launch of a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) to measure the daily readership and usage of mail by UK consumers.

The Committee will bring together key organisations from across the industry, including Royal Mail, Whistl, The Direct Marketing Association, ISBA and The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, to establish a measurement system that becomes widely used and respected.

Mail is the UK’s only mass media channel without an independent and industry standard audience measurement body. This presents real challenges when mail competes for budget against other forms of advertising, such as television, radio and newspapers.

A pilot research programme has run for the last year, which has demonstrated some of the positive results it’s hoped the JIC’s work will continue to produce. It showed that 75 per cent of mail delivered to homes in the UK is opened and read, that mail is shared and passed on and then re-read on average seven times.

Judith Donovan CBE, Chair of the SMP, said: “The SMP welcome this cross-industry initiative and supports its aims to help everyone involved in mail create new and sustainable growth for future campaigns.

“We know that mail campaigns have a hugely positive impact for customers but agree that having recognised and respected measurements for their impact and success will transform the way the medium is viewed and sold.”

Mike Colling, Chief Executive of MC&C and chair of the JIC steering committee added: “Circa £2 billion is spent on mail in the UK each year. This initiative is a unique co-operation between all the major players in the mail value chain, and is endorsed and supported by all the major UK trade bodies. This is a unique opportunity for all of us who are involved in creating value from mail to co-operate to create new growth for all.”