Incentives News

Incentives News

Our incentives continue to grow in popularity with increasing customer take up, having approved 300 applications in 2018. In total, incentives have generated a combined volume of circa 220 million items in 2018 and have accrued £5.5 million in postage credits that help customers to reduce the cost of mail.

Customers are seeing a real benefit from using our incentives helping them to grow and to ensure their mail remains a cost-effective tool for communication. We are grateful for the support from Access customers in delivering this success and we are keen to help continue to support you in your efforts to promote the growth of letter volumes.
As well as renewing all our incentives for a further year, we are excited to introduce two new incentives to encourage commitment to mail.

We have two new incentives launching on 1 January 2019

Bank Statement Incentive
A two-year volume commitment incentive for banks and building societies sending bank statements.
Find out more and apply for this incentive at:

Advertising Volume Commitment (Year 2)
Designed to encourage customers to commit to sending the same volume of mail as in the previous year, and offering additional credits for any incremental volume on the previous year.
Find out more and apply for this incentive at:

Renewal of Incentives

Excepting the Advertising Mail Christmas Incentive, we are renewing all our incentives for a further year: customers can apply until 31 December 2019. Please note that from 2 January 2019 we are changing the postage credit rates for all incentives. You can find the new rates on our website at

Improving our Incentives

Changes to the Testing and Innovation Incentive (TIS) Incentives
We are making changes to the terms and conditions of the TIS Incentives from 2 January 2019 which
will apply to any new application:

  1. Provision of feedback –customers who wish to test different mail activity under a TIS incentive
    will need to complete a feedback questionnaire upon completion of the TIS.
  2. Changes to postage credit rates – we are introducing a standard postage credit rate of 2.5p for both the Advertising Mail TIS and the Business Mail TIS which will be applicable for customers testing new mail activity. We are also introducing a higher postage credit rate for tests which Royal Mail deem to be exceptional. To coincide with this, in relation to the Business Mail TIS, customers will only be permitted to roll out a test for a further 6 months where the test is exceptional. We have updated our guidance documentation to provide examples of what will constitute an exceptional test. The guidance and the new rates can be seen on our website at
  3. Early submission of applications – to assist us with processing your application in advance of your posting date, you must submit your application a minimum 2 weeks before the first day of posting.

Changes to the Advertising Content Growth Incentive
We are decreasing the Advertising Content Growth Incentive minimum entry level for large letter postings to 75,000 large letters. If a customer posts 75,000 or more incremental advertising large letters they will be awarded postage credits. (The existing 150,000 minimum volume eligibility level for letters continues to apply.) We have amended the incentive terms and conditions which you can find at

Send Magazine Subscription Mail for less
Our Magazine Subscription Mail Service launches on 2 January 2019. Customers can use the Business Mail TIS or the Publishing Volume Commitment Incentive to be awarded postage credits when posting
Magazine Subscription Mail. The guidance and the postage credit rates can be seen on our website at

Making it easier to claim postage credits
For the Advertising Content Growth and Publishing Volume Commitment incentives we no longer require customers to submit a postage credit application to redeem credits. Instead we use our reporting systems to determine whether customers have posted in accordance with the terms of each incentive and to calculate the amount of postage credits earned. We
will then ask customers to verify this information before we formally issue the postage credits.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for the continued support your business is giving in helping us all to deliver these benefits for you and your customers. We look forward to working with you further to ensure
you and your customers continue to maximise the advantages of our incentives.