SMP partners with direct mail and data experts on bespoke relaunch mailer

SMP partners with direct mail and data experts on bespoke relaunch mailer

We are delighted to announce the SMP has partnered with three of its board members to produce its official relaunch marketing collateral to raise awareness and drive member recruitment.

Leeds-based print marketing and mailing solution giant The Lettershop Group (TLG) and Leicester-based marketing services experts GI Solutions joined forces to produce a limited edition direct mail pack to support our relaunch while Adare SEC has produced the group’s first rebranded newsletter.

The relaunch mail pack saw a print run of just 150 that was hand-finished at TLG’s 140,000 sq. ft. facility in Leeds. It features the SMP’s revitalised branding and positioning line; The Strategic Mailing Partnership – The Mailmakers.

Despite TLG specialising in the production of high volume, personalised communications and complex, off-line finishes, the print manufacturer was happy to take on the comparatively low volume project in support of the SMP’s drive to expand and recruit new members.

GI Solutions provided valuable data input by refreshing the existing SMP member database to ensure the appropriate decision-makers of each business were targeted with the limited mail pack through the use of their bespoke software solutions.

Huddersfield-based Adare SEC, which specialises in providing technology-led secure and essential communications , produced SMP’s relaunch newsletter to be posted out to its current membership, as well as new contacts gained from the direct mail pack.

Simon Cooper, managing director at The Lettershop Group said: “The SMP relaunch pack was an unusual break from the complex, one-piece mailers that we are used to producing. However, as a long-standing SMP member, TLG wanted to dedicate time and resource to ensure that the relaunch pack was a success and that all five components delivered on their individual function both as standalone items and as part of the overall pack.”

Judith Donovan CBE, Chair of The Strategic Mailing Partnership added: “Working with TLG, GIS and Adare has enabled us to create an effective, highly personalised, one-off reactivation mailer that creatively launches the refreshed new SMP branding and presents a strong call to allow us to update existing member details and expand our current contact database.

“Adare’s support in helping us produce our new newsletter has also been invaluable and we are grateful for all the board members’ contributions to help us relaunch with a bang.”