Impressive SMP members continue to drive mailing industry forward

Impressive SMP members continue to drive mailing industry forward

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) is celebrating a successful year of activity which has included a positive recruitment drive, a significant inaugural event for key delegates and the strengthening of industry partnerships.

We mapped out a ‘Strategic Framework’ of intense activity to raise awareness of the group and show how it had impacted positively upon the mailing industry.

The year of success saw us host an inaugural Technical Summit event in March 2017 which brought together 100 delegates from Royal Mail, the UK’s mailing houses and Down Stream Access (DSA) operators.

We also played a pivotal role in streamlining mailing services and helping Royal Mail to enhance its product development and incentives, as well as improve mailing specifications, benchmarking and pipeline issues.

And – having recruited four new Board members and raised membership from 131 to 161 – the SMP recorded some strong KPI results overall – eclipsing our target by achieving 113% of KPIs in the first year of activity.

Commenting on the impressive results, SMP Chair Judith Donovan CBE, said: “We have all been really pleased at the extent of the interaction between Royal Mail and our members and the sheer number of actual changes, improvements and enhancements to products, services and processes which have resulted.

“All of our targets were met, or exceeded, with a net score of 113% which is seriously impressive from a standing start only months ago.”

The Strategic Framework is broken down into six modules of; Manufacture, Mechanics, Market, Medium, Members and Management; with the aim of enabling the group to effectively analyse its first year of activity since formally relaunching in September 2016 at Strategic Mailing Partnership: The Mailmakers.

Other highlights from the Strategic Framework results included a week-long event where nearly 40 members, representing 12 companies, executed a 90-day plan to drive the mailing industry forward.

We also rebranded and relaunched a visually creative range of internal communications successfully and a third of the group (31%) requested an SMP certificate to confirm their membership.

The SMP is already planning its second year of activity to include further ways to raise awareness and continue to stamp its authority on the mailing industry.