Continued coverage about The Strategic Mailing Partnership

Continued coverage about The Strategic Mailing Partnership

The Strategic Mailing Partnership has continued to generate media coverage in trade as well as regional media over the past few months.

In an edition of ‘My Passion’, published in the Yorkshire Post on Tuesday 22 August, chairwoman of The SMP, Judith Donovan CBE, explained her love of cathedrals. Judith spoke of the “amazing and uplifting” impact that places like Ripon Cathedral have had on her, since first falling in love with the buildings in 2000. The article also discussed Judith’s role as chairperson of the cathedral’s council, and the efforts to help organise a special service to commemorate the Battle of Cambrai.

On Friday 8 September, PrintWeek provided the platform for The SMP to outline its plans for a year of expansion, and its ambition to take in “every single mailing house” in the country. The article discusses the recruitment of four new board members and the increase in SMP membership from 131 to 161 mailing houses.

Judith also spoke about the “key stumbling block” of raising awareness that the SMP must overcome to achieve its objectives, and re-affirmed her belief that as more mailing houses become aware of The SMP, membership will continue to grow.

Finally, on Tuesday 1 August, direct, data and digital marketing specialist, Decision Marketing, covered the launch of the SMP’s new online hub and discussed the increased co-operation between all members of the mail community. The article included comment from Judith, on behalf of The SMP, and from Royal Mail wholesale director of network access, Jenny Ledgar.

Judith discussed the launch of the new website, adding that she hopes it will be a “great platform” for potential new members to join and help strengthen The SMP. Jenny added that the new website will provide Royal Mail with “even more opportunity” to communicate with and provide support to members.