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Mailmark services

Over the summer we worked with mail producers and customers to promote the use of Mailmark services when posting poly wrap large letters by allowing customers to test their mail. A number of customers used the test facility. Results from testing show that where mail items are handed over to specification there are no issues with machine processing. We have identified some common issues that are impacting read rates:

  • Barcode quality – barcodes are smudged or bleeding of the print;
  • Barcode content and structure – do not meet the required specification;
  • Opacity – being able to see text either through the poly wrap or paper that the barcode is printed on making it difficult to read barcode ; and
  • Mail piece design – the poly wrap seal is placed over the barcode. The additional poly wrap means that the image is blurred.

However because the number of mailings we tested was small (24) engineering were unable to draw any statistically valid conclusions. Hence we have decided to extend the testing period until March 2018. We will not charge certain adjustment charges on test mailings in specific cases:

  • Where IRP are unable to identify a clear specification failure, IRP will not charge “not machine processed” adjustment charges.
  • Where we identify clear failures to specification, IRP will charge “not machine processed” adjustment charges e.g. if the Mailmark barcode is over the poly wrap seem we will apply the adjustment charge.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this testing process, please contact us.