Mail makers’ board produced almost half of all letters delivered in 2018

Mail makers’ board produced almost half of all letters delivered in 2018

A recent audit of our 14 board members revealed that in 2018 they produced 7.1 billion mailpacks – just under half of all mail delivered last year – and 581 million door-to-door pieces.

The combined turnover of our board members reached £2,322m and, collectively, the companies employed more than 20,000 staff. On average this was a turnover of £165m with 1,497 employees.

Far from being made up of large businesses, our board comprises a range of different sized companies, from those employing nine people up to 10,000, and with turnovers ranging from £2m to £700m.

What’s more, less than one third (28%) is devoted purely to mail manufacture. The average turnover from direct mail production across the board was £149m, ranging from £2m to £264m.

The number of people employed directly in mail manufacture varied from nine to 1,320, totalling 3,920 across the board.

While 2018 was a significant year for the mail industry, with the introduction of GDPR having a damaging effect on confidence, confidence is beginning to return and those who have continued to use direct mail are reporting much improved ROIs.

This audit shows that our board members are major players in this industry; clearly the SMP has the right board in place, who can look forward to an equally strong year in 2019.

It’s important to note that while these figures apply to our board members and underline the role they play in the world of direct mail, there are 137 other businesses who belong to the partnership, therefore the percentage of mail manufactured by SMP members will be far greater than 50%.

  • Coverage appeared in Print Monthly and Earth Island