Exclusive 10% saving

Exclusive 10% saving

SMP members can benefit from an exclusive deal from Two Sides, the not-for-profit organisation that promotes the sustainability and attractiveness of paper and print.

You can save 10% on your membership fee but hurry – you must sign up by May 4th to take advantage of this fantastic offer, which is open ONLY to SMP members.

Two Sides engages in myth-busting surrounding the sustainability of paper, lobbying organisations to stop making unfounded statements that digital is more sustainable than print, while educating consumers on the sustainable attributes of paper.

For instance, European forests are growing at the rate of around 1,500 football pitches every day, while the environmental impact of our ever-increasing digital world accounts for approximately 2% of global emissions – on par with emissions from the global aviation sector.

The recent SMP Summit enjoyed a presentation from Two Sides managing director Jonathan Tame, who shared some fascinating and encouraging insights into how print remains among the most powerful and sustainable forms of communication.

Benefits of joining Two Sides include:

  • Facts, research and information on the effectiveness and sustainability of print which can be personalised and used in your own customer communications;
  • Indispensable insights into the value and ROI of print media;
  • Inspiring pro-print newsletters and magazines.

The cost of membership is proportional to the size of a business – annually, this is £55 per million pounds of turnover with a minimum contribution of £195. However, SMP members can save 10% if they join before May 4th 2019.

Two Sides’ campaigns to promote the benefits of paper can only be run with the support of print industry. Pledge your support by taking advantage of our special offer.

To claim this exclusive offer, contact Tandy Wakeford on
tsw@twosides.info or 01327 262920.