The top five best-read print industry titles

The top five best-read print industry titles

Keeping up to date with events in the ever-evolving world of direct mail is vital for SMP board members. And while they’re clearly a very well-read bunch, it’s interesting to note which industry titles make their go-to reading list.

In a survey carried out by Faith PR, the vast majority said they picked up core industry titles such as Print Week, either in print, online or both. The DMA’s weekly round-up was also widely read.

The most-read titles in order are:

1. PrintWeek

2. DMA weekly round-up

3. Print Monthly

4. Print Business

5. Digital Printer

Also popular with board members were Marketing Week, The Drum, Bright Talk and the Two Sides newsletter.

News feeds and bulletins were felt to be particularly helpful in the current situation, for the latest developments and breaking news.

Updates from Two Sides and JICMail also feature on the board’s reading list.

We have cultivated a great relationship with our industry titles, who regularly feature news from the SMP, and are delighted that this support is matched by that of our board members.