Print Monthly: SMP welcomes Royal Mail incentives for DM

Print Monthly: SMP welcomes Royal Mail incentives for DM

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP), the association that represents mailing in the UK, has praised the Royal Mail for its latest set of initiatives, saying these will help to inspire and invigorate direct mail in 2021.

Among the initiatives that will run throughout the next 12 months is Back to Business, which, launched in May of last year, gives a preferential rate for customers looking to post a minimum of 50,000 additional mail items per quarter.

Customers will also benefit from Back to Business Extra, which is aimed at larger businesses that want to send at least 2.5m extra mail items at a lower rate.

Other incentives include certain discounts for advertising mail, business mail and publishing mail, while Royal Mail is also seeking to work with wholesale customers and the wider mail industry to promote growth and retention in the letters division.

In addition, a first-time user discount will be available to customers who have never used advertising mail or have not done so in the past two years.

The latest set of initiatives come after 2020’s portfolio of incentives experienced some success, with 680 applications approved and £9.2m accrued in credits to be offset against postage costs.

SMP chair Judith Donovan CBE says these schemes will help ensure mail remains a cost-effective method of communication during the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted trading at all levels and these incentives will go some way towards supporting businesses across the board,” Donovan says.

“The news that the portfolio is being extended into 2021 will come as a boost for our members as a means of generating work and to help kick-start the economy.”