SMP champions industry development through partnership with JICMAIL

SMP champions industry development through partnership with JICMAIL

Mailing houses will be able to achieve a new platinum company-level accreditation that highlights their expertise in using data and insight from JICMAIL to help end customers achieve greater outcomes from their investment in mail.

The scheme ties into existing bronze, silver and gold certification for individual members of staff.

The platinum programme, which is specifically for accreditation on an organisational level, goes live later this month. It is available to SMP member businesses who want to make the most of the latest insight on all mail types including direct mail.

To achieve platinum status, companies must meet various stringent requirements. Frontline staff must achieve the appropriate level of expertise, demonstrating the value of mail using media metrics and using the data to identify opportunities across a range of mail channels and industry sectors. Full details are to follow.

Mailing houses, postal operators and distributors who achieve platinum status will enjoy unlimited free access to JICMAIL. This applies to all organisations provided they sign the data agreement and agree an adoption plan.

There is no cost attached to the scheme and training webinars are also free.

The existing JICMAIL certification scheme will still be available for individuals.

Full details of how to register for the scheme are available on the JICMAIL website: or by contacting Tara Pickles on