Print Monthly: Mailing houses boosted by JICMAIL

Print Monthly: Mailing houses boosted by JICMAIL

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP), a professional body that represents and protects the interests of mailing houses across the UK, has announced details of a new partnership with JICMAIL that it says will allow members to secure platinum accreditations.

JICMAIL is the Joint Industry Committee for Mail and delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for advertising mail and door drops, with SMP members set to benefit from access to its platinum programme.
Specifically for accreditation on an organisational level, submissions for JICMAIL’s platinum programme will be evaluated twice a year, with a closing date for applications of August 31st for the first round of accreditations.

To achieve platinum status, companies must meet a host of stringent requirements, with all frontline staff required to achieve the appropriate level of expertise, demonstrating the value of mail using media metrics and using the data to identify opportunities across a range of mail channels and industry sectors.

The scheme will tie into existing bronze, silver and gold certification for individual members of staff, but will run separately.

“We encourage our member businesses to make the most of this fantastic opportunity”

SMP members with platinum or accredited level will have free, unlimited access to JICMAIL data, while there is no cost attached to the scheme.

SMP chair Judith Donovan comments: “We are delighted to offer members the opportunity to attain the highest accreditation for JICMAIL, to enable them to make the very most of the continuing resurgence of direct mail,” she said. “The ability to demonstrate the value of mail to end customers, through the very latest industry data and insight, will be an invaluable factor when presenting mail as an essential part of any marketing strategy. 

“We encourage our member businesses to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.”