Updated guide to making the most of mail

Updated guide to making the most of mail

Mail has performed more strongly than ever during the pandemic, according to the latest figures on customer engagement.

Launching an updated guide to making the most of mail, Royal Mail’s MarketReach team found that people engaged with 96 per cent[1] of mail during the first lockdown – with the biggest rise among those aged between 18 and 34[2].

Research shows that mail builds trust and makes people feel valued – and it drives customers online, with a 70 per cent increase in online traffic driven by mail.

The guide was first published in October 2020 but has since been updated to include fresh research.

This includes:

  • The results of a survey carried out by marketing agency WARC that revealed 40 per cent of advertisers reported customer demand for value was shaping their plans for 2021. Mail is a trusted channel that customers value and can use to build strong relationships.
  • Consumer behaviour has changed – and this is likely to continue. Many will also continue to work from home. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to optimise their media plans by using mail.
  • The vaccine brings hope for us all, but business uncertainty remains a challenge.

To download the new guide, go to https://www.marketreach.co.uk/downloads/mail-matters-more-than-ever-s?cid=MR0521_MMM_EM_04

[1] Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Coronavirus Research, Trinity McQueen 2020

[2] Source: JICMAIL Q2 2018 – Q2 2020