JICMAIL opt-out clarification

JICMAIL opt-out clarification

JICMAIL have acted to address confusion among mailing houses between a new levy and changes made in the data sharing process.

The new JICMAIL Levy has recently gone live and, at the same time, changes have been made to the process for the data sharing initiative between JICMAIL and marketing specialist Nielsen Media Research for the purposes of the future publication of admail information supported by JICMAIL (commonly referred to as circulation data).

JICMAIL has issued a clarification bulletin on its website following some instances of confusion between them from the market.

Both schemes are voluntary and, by definition, each has its own process for those electing to opt out. However, the two processes have different purposes, operate differently and need to be managed separately.   

For the JICMAIL Levy, there is now a process established for managing any JICMAIL Levy Opt-Outs.

This process follows similar principles to the existing MASBOF levy and it requires an Originating Customer (ie the advertiser) to submit a written claim directly to JICMAIL if they seek a refund of the JICMAIL Levy.

Access operators or mailing agents cannot opt out on behalf of their end customers (their originating customers) and if their charges to customers include postage, they should pass on the levy costs in full.     

For Data Opt-Outs from the future publication of circulation data via Nielsen Media Research has been amended so that accountability for capturing opt out requests has moved to the access contract holder.

It also means that opt out requests can now be made for a period of 12 months rather than taken on a per posting basis as previously. If an originating customer elects to opt out of this data usage they need to instruct their access contract holders to notify Royal Mail directly by email using the opt out form available on the Royal Mail website.

The JICMAIL bulletin contains more useful Q&As across these processes.

Mark Cross, engagement director at JICMAIL, said: “We would remind readers that the industry will rely upon a shared commitment behind these changes and at a collective level, opt-outs erode the capability and ability of the mail channel to compete as a marketing channel in a multi-media digital world with JICMAIL providing essential insight and measurement data for mail effectiveness.

“We remain grateful to all involved in helping manage these changes providing benefits for all at this key time of economic recovery.”