The Craft – SMP Member offer terms and conditions


We have negotiated an exclusive offer for SMP members!!  John Watson from WPN Chameleon will help you create a new mailing for one of your clients to prove if the ‘craft’ approach works.


He’ll create a mailing for your client; either direct for your client under your control or else ‘white labelled’. It’s up to you. He’ll make sure it’s designed to work with your systems and your technology. Go ahead and mail it as a test. If it isn’t successful, it won’t have cost you or your client a fee. But if you decide to mail it again, then the assumption is that it’s worked, he’ll then send you an invoice.


Before submitting your request for this exclusive offer from John Watson, please ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions by downloading the PDF and attaching a signed copy in the contact box below.

Confirming the offer

Read, download and sign before submitted form below:


This could also be run in conjunction with incentives that are on offer from Royal Mail, in particular the First Time User Scheme. The First Time User Incentive is designed to grow mail by attracting:

  • Advertisers who have never used advertising mail before; and
  • Lapsed advertising mail customers with no spend on advertising mail services over the past 24 months.


How does it work?

Advertisers can earn postage credits for each of their first three First Time User mailings, provided they send a minimum of 10,000 items per mailing. It is easy to apply. Simply complete an application form providing confirmation you have not posted advertising mail in the past 24 months, the details of your first three advertising mail campaigns and details of your postal provider. For more details go to or


Please ensure you have read and signed the terms and conditions PDF above, and have attached a copy to the contact box below.